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Stewart Dittmeier

Lake St Catherine VT ~ Camp Arrowhead Staff 1941 ~ VTLC0090

2015-03-15 11:20:37

Front row, 4th from right is Robert Miller, a Spanish teacher from NYC. He and his wife, Kenna spent many of their summers in Vermont even after Arrowhead closed.

Cheryl Sheridan

Granville NY ~ Unidentified Street ~ NYGR0414

2013-09-19 14:15:19

I believe this is a photo of Rogers Avenue. Our house and carriage barn are shown here on the corner! It was built in 1913. Are copies of this available for purchase?

Timothy Squiers

Cambridge NY ~ The Great Cambridge Fair Ground ~ NYCA0033

2013-09-04 11:22:12

It might interest you to know that the building in the center is the ticket office and that it was moved about 120 yards west and turned 90 degrees in the late 1940's to become 32 North Park St. which exists today. My parents lived in that house.

John Howard

Poultney VT ~ Episcopal Church & Rectory ~ VTPT0013

2011-05-08 05:31:29

Church St.

andrew matter

Rustic ~ Dead Ford ~ CP053002

2011-03-28 21:57:28

wow! i wonder who was the owner of this ford... this is a really old wheel and ive seen plenty of this old vehicles on this site...

andrew matter

Rustic ~ Old Truck at the Galick farmstesd ~ CP103003

2011-03-21 22:47:28

wow never seen a truck this old... i think it will be nice to rebuild this truck and put some Trim Welting on this...

andrew matter

Rustic ~ Jeep ~ CP053051

2011-03-19 02:28:48

this is a really old jeep model.. ive never seen this model on Covers - Vehicle magazines... i wonder if anyone have tried to rebuild this type of jeep...

andrew matter

Rustic ~ Jeep Interior ~ CP053052

2011-03-19 01:53:03

wow! that a big mess inside... i remember my old car when i replaced my carburetors... that gave me a real headache..

Hans Livingstone

Rustic ~ Jeep Interior ~ CP053052

2011-03-10 22:41:18


Jami Frakes

Cambridge NY ~ Main Street East and Park Street South ~ NYCA3005

2011-02-18 15:01:21

How about that gas price from 2005 ???

paul labas

Granville NY ~ Slate Bank, Beechers Quarry ~ NYGR0260

2011-01-24 14:39:49

I now own and operate this quarry. It is actually localted just over the border in Vermont. The quarry was shut down in 1918 for lack of funds to move a large amount of rubbish and expose a new bed of rock. My great uncle was also working in the pit for this company and was struck in the head by a f

Cambridge Photo

Poultney VT ~ Texaco Station ~ VTPT0042

2010-12-09 09:33:34

Does anyone have any information on this Texaco Station. Poultney VT 1934

Cambridge Photo

Salem NY ~ Main Street ~ Granville Telephone Co., Howe's Ice Cream ~ NYSA0025

2010-12-09 08:11:52

Can anyone help me identify these stores ~ Salem NY 1935

Cambridge Photo

Cambridge NY ~ Hedges Lake ~ The Jorkston Family ~ 1913 ~ NYCA0034

2010-12-09 08:08:10

Can anyone help me identify the members of The Jorkston Family ~ Hedges Lake 1913